• May 16, 2015
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1974 TR-6

Owners: Bob & Jan Delery

Bluebonnet Editor Diane Parker talked to the Delerys about their Star Car:

BB: So, Jan and Bob, how did you acquire your car?

J&B: We bought our 1974 TR-6 from a young couple in Cypress in August 2001. We had been looking in the paper and had talked about getting another car for a couple of years. This is our third Triumph.

BB: What do you know about previous owners or the history of your car?

J&B: We believe that the original owner was a Houston jeweler who had it from new, only drove it on special occasions, loved the car until he could not drive it any longer (around 1992), when he sold it to another jeweler in Bellaire. We were able to meet with Julius Berger, the jeweler in Bellaire, who told us he hated to sell it after three years of fun, but they were moving to a new house in the country and did not have garage space. Once again, it was driven only on special occasions. He sold it to the couple in Cypress. When we bought it, it only had 47,000 miles on it. It sat in our garage on blocks for the ext five years. Last year we decided to get it ready for driving.

BB: Have you modified the body?

J&B: The ’6 is completely stock except for the after-market fog lights and the deer whistles.

BB: Have you modified the engine?

J&B: It has a spark booster and Webber air filters.

BB: What else have you done to the car?

J&B: We had the car completely overhauled mechanically, the interior carpets replaced, the seats padded, and a new, scraped-to-the-metal Mallard paint job.

BB: Have you – and the car – won any awards?

J&B: No awards, but we do enjoy driving a classic automobile.

BB: What do you like most about the car?

J&B: We like the free spirit feeling of top down, exhausts humming, wind-in-yourface driving and reliving our youth when we bought our first ’6 in Germany through the U.S. PX in 1972.

BB: What do you like least about the car?

J&B: The electrical system is a challenge, but it comes with the territory.