• May 16, 2015
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1971 TR-6

Owner: Linda Jablonski
Commission No.: CC65358L

This is a Triumph Valentine, as Jay and Linda Jablonski tell us:
This unrestored red TR-6 was purchased last year in February as a Valentine’s Day present for Linda. It was purchased unseen from a person in the Pittsburgh area. A lot of question and answer phone calls and FedEx’ing of photographs took place before we decided to buy the car and have it shipped to Houston.
It looked pretty sad when it arrived, all covered in road grime. We cleaned it up and it started nicely.

Linda is the third owner of the car. The first owner had the car for 27 years. The last seven or eight of those years the car sat in a garage. The second owner, a Mercedes mechanic, bought the car and drove it for a year and a half before we bought it. The car has about 30,000 original miles on it.

The car needs some minor work, such as replacing the extremely noisy Monza exhaust with a slightly quieter one so that Brian will ride with mom. Then the car can be driven in a parking garage without setting off every car alarm in the garage. We are planning to do a rolling restoration, repairing and fixing as needed. Kevin, our 13 year old, already has plans for driving mom’s car.

The car has started a winning tradition, having recently won the 2000 Wild Turkey Rally.

Left, Linda and Jay


Below, a rolling red Valentine

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