• May 15, 2015
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1971 TR-6

Owners: Anne & Burton Dicks

Everybody should have Santa leave them one of these! Anne tells The Bluebonnet about this holiday sparkler:

“On Christmas, my brother Burton and I became the proud owners, well at least drivers, of a beautiful red 1971 TR-6. I am not sure, but I think our parents, Richard and Diane, might have gotten us one just to keep us away from their Triumphs. What ever the reason, it’s great.

“While obviously I am by far the better driver of the two of us (I drove the first rally), I guess that while I am away at school at OSU, it will be my brother that you will see with it most of the time. My Dad and Burt are working hard to get it ready for the VTR Regional and I for one can’t wait for our first show.

“We’ll see you in San Antonio!”

By the way, that’s Anne in the picture below, pretending to push. After all, that’s what brothers are for. You go girl!