• May 16, 2015
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1971 Spitfire

Owner: Jeff and Kevin Kappes
Commission No. FK1540L

Here’s a real beauty that started as a sow’s ear! Jeff tells the tale:

My 14 year old son and I began a father/son project with an MG a couple of years ago. We sold it at a car show last year and soon found a Spitfire that had been literally put out to pasture in Humble! The cows had eaten the seats, door panels and the like. The rockers, floors and trunk were rusted through. The engine didn’t run, so we pushed it onto a trailer with a tractor.

These photos show the car now, my 14 year old mechanic’s pride and joy. We have added a 1959 TR-3 (Commission No. TS61755L) to the garage to keep the Spit company. We just took the body off and plan to do a frame up restoration. We’re learning as we go.

Bringing these vintage cars back to life with your son is like the Mastercard commercial: Price of a master cylinder $75; price of a new top $150; price of new plugs and wires $35. Seeing your son smile ear to ear when it starts for the first time… Priceless!