• May 16, 2015
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1971 GT-6 Mk III

1971 GT-6 Mk III
Owners: Susan & Tommie Cook

Bluebonnet Editor Diane Parker talked to the Cooks about their national award-winning Star Car:

BB: So, Tommie, how many Triumphs do you have?

Tommie: Four, but only two are drivable. Susan has a 1971 Mimosa GT-6 MK3 (above) and I have a 1972 British Racing Green Spitfire 6. Susan has had her car for seven years, and I have had mine for 11 years.

BB: What do you know about the previous owners or the cars’ histories?

Tommie: Not much.

BB: Have the cars been restored?

Tommie: I restored both cars, but don’t remember when.

BB: Have you modified the bodies?

Tommie: Not Susan’s GT-6; on my car, the suspension and drive train have been adjusted, the suspension was lowered two inches, and I custom wired it.

BB: What about the engines… any modifications there?

Tommie: Not to Susan’s car; I balanced and blueprinted mine, added a lightweight flywheel and overdrive.

BB: What awards have you won?

Tommie: Susan’s GT-6 won Concours at Nationals and the Spit won Participant’s Choice twice at Nationals, as well as a number of awards at Regionals.

BB: What do you like least about the cars?

Tommie: They’re too costly and time consuming.

BB: What do you like best about them?

Tommie: The compliments we always get on the cars’ appearance.

BB: Have you had a “most embarrassing moment” with the cars?

Tommie: Well, there was the time I dropped a car off the trailer at an ABCD (All British Car Day)…