• May 16, 2015
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1969 TR-6

Owner: Jim McInnis
Commission No. CC25396L

Jim has this to say about his beautiful Signal Red TR-6:
I purchased this car in June 2003 from a gentleman in New Braunfels. I was happy to find such an early example of the TR-6.

He was the second owner, having purchased the car in 1974. We met each other in Schulenberg to complete the deal. Apparently, he had not driven the car in a while and the master cylinder was out of action. I drove it to The Woodlands with only a hand brake.

The car turned out to be almost completely rust free with the exception of the driver side floor under the pedals. Since then, I have rebuilt the hydraulic system, repaired the body and floor, re-painted the exterior, installed a new interior and replaced the original wire wheels with alloys wheels.

I look forward to many years of enjoyment with this car!