• May 15, 2015
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Owner: Sam Barer
Commission No. CD5265L

Sam writes about this red beauty:
“My wife Lisa and I moved from Seattle to Houston in June, 1998, for Lisa’s Pediatric Residency at Baylor. In July Lisa decided she needed a cat. We made a deal: She got a Siamese, I got a Triumph TR-250. The car was listed in the Houston Chronicle by a gentleman about to move houses (and his wife said “get rid of it”). We drove up to Kingswood, and after some serious “Please honey, I really want this car,” we wrote the check. (My wife grew up in her father’s 1965 Impala SS and Corvettes of various vintages, so convincing her that this little car with a straight-six was a classic took a little time.)

“A folder full of old receipts, pictures and ID plates helped to identify that the car started its life as Jasmine Yellow. In the early eighties, then located in Massachusetts, the owner did a frame-off restoration. The car was repainted a strange orangish-red with tan TR-250 nose-stripes. I chose to repaint it TR-250 Signal Red with the “light reflective silver” original stripes. The repainting was a painful saga with the moral to the story being: Avoid the body shop I used at all costs! Also of note, the car was not equipped with overdrive.

“Thanks to Joe at Hamilton Motorsport, every little fuel delivery bug and electrical ghost has been fixed quickly and efficiently. On the whole the car has been fairly reliable and not too expensive to maintain, certainly when my frames of reference are my father’s 1929 Franklin 130 and 1955 Packard Patrician. The TR-250 has been driven frequently on weekends, especially on days and evenings that Lisa spends working at Texas Childrens Hospital.

“Now all the little red roadster has to do is fight my new ’99 Corvette convertible for my attention. The Corvette might be a world-class automobile, but the TR-250 is just as fun, turns more heads and gets more smiles, waves and thumbs-ups.”