• May 15, 2015
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Owner: Leigh Bartish
Commission No. TS73444L

Leigh tells us this is a family affair:

“In September 1963, my parents, Jim and Dorothy Bartish, had been married about a year. In need of a second car, my Dad discovered a ‘1961 Import Blue TR3-A’ listed for sale in the local Painesville, Ohio, newspaper. It turned out the seller, a radio/jock, had lost his job and had to part with his treasure.

“Checking the bank value, my Dad made an offer and found himself the proud, second owner of the car. Asking my Mom if she liked ‘the cute little blue car,’ my Dad quickly announced, ‘Great because it’s ours!’

“My parents participated in various club activities and drove it to the east coast, Ohio to New Jersey and back, sunburned knees and all, experiencing the thrill of truck wheels next to their ears on the Pennsylvania Turnpike.

“I arrived in March of 1966. It didn’t take long for me to discover the car and love it. Our family moved to Toledo, Ohio, in 1970. A neighbor, also a car buff, invited my Dad to join a local car club where activities often included the family. Our favorite was the three-day Fall Tour… a day off from school where we learned more than usual!
“Yes, you could drive a TR-3 with three kids on the rear ‘seat’ in the good old days.

There were occasions when a possible sale was discussed, but the ’61 TR-3 was a part of the family. One of my earliest recollections is my Dad telling me, ‘Finish college, never smoke and it’s yours!!’

“And so it is!! I graduated from Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, in May of ’88. In September of ’97 I drove it on the Fall Tour in southern Ohio and then trailered it home to Spring, Texas. I’m the third proud owner!

“My folks now drive a ’48 Chevy Woodie, which holds ALL the family. They love to visit Texas, family, in-laws and of course a certain TR-3. They enjoyed the TTR run to the Hill Country in March ’98.”