• May 15, 2015
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1956 TR-2

Owners: Pat & Susie Gough
Commission No. TS7520L

This car went from basket-case to beauty, as Pat tells us:

I purchased my 1956 TR-2 in February, 1994 as a project and a challenge. It had a 1975 inspection sticker and had been badly abused durng some 20 years of outdoor storage. The car had no interior, the floor boards were totally rusted, the engine was in boxes, and there were lots of loose pieces and parts. The engine was frozen due to a head gasket leak, which left one piston rusted to its liner.

Restoration started the month the car was purchased, and the project included removing every nut and bolt on the car and every piece and part for inspection, cleaning, painting or replacement. Originally green, the car was repainted in a “custom” off-white and a tan interior installed. After two and a half years of work, the car came back to life in September 1997. We can now be seen on the streets of West University almost every weekend.