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Senior Class VTR Concours Rules: Any car which has won one (1) First Place Award in Concours (Not Participants Choice) May enter Senior Class. After two (2) First Place Awards, he/she Must enter Senior Class for the period of the next four (4) VTR National Conventions. Senior Class will be judged against the score sheet only. A score of 350 points or better is required to receive the Senior Award. After winning a Senior Award the car must be entered in Preservation Class if the owner wishes to pursue Concours. There can be any number of Senior Awards at any convention.

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Preservation Award: If the owner wishes to pursue Concours after having obtained one Senior Award, the car shall be entered for a Preservation Award. The scoring shall be the same as for Senior except that a score of 365 points shall be required for the awarding of a Preservation Award. Preservation Award cars must be preregistered. There shall be no limit to the number of Preservation Awards that a given automobile may win.

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Proof of car insurance is required to participate in moving events. Under VTR rules all Triumphs entering concours and participants choice car shows are required to participate in at least one moving event. Tech and safety inspections are required in order to participate in the autocross. Any vehicle can be disqualified at the technical inspector's discretion for safety reasons. I am aware of the hazards inherent with motor vehicle events and specifically release and do indemnify the organizers, supporting sponsors, the Texas Triumph Register and Vintage Triumph Register, collectively and separately from any and all liability from personal injury or property damage by me or my guest while participating in this convention. I understand that the Texas Triumph Register reserves the right to revoke my registration and retain my registration fee.

Cancellation Policy: A full refund of the registration fee if you cancel on or before March 19th 2018. No Refund will be granted after March 19th. However, special circumstances may be considere

Hotel/Lodging: You are responsible for making your own room reservation. The Texas Triumph Register has reserved a block of rooms at the La Torretta Resort, Spa & Conference Center. Please call 936-448-4400 to make reservation, mention Triumph VTR

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