What is the Texas Triumph Register?

Welcome to the Texas Triumph Register website. We are glad to have the opportunity to tell you about our club and our activities.

The Texas Triumph Register is a welcoming and very active organization. This is true for single members, couples and family groups. We embrace all Triumph enthusiasts whether you have a show car, race car, driver, boxes of parts or no car at all. Members can participate in any and all of the following

Weekly Saturday breakfasts which rotate to all parts of the Houston Metropolitan area. We normally have a good turnout of shiny Triumphs driven to these events. Although there is no formal agenda, impromptu discussions and tech sessions always result. The Breakfasts provide an excellent opportunity to meet people and pick the brains of our resident Triumph experts.

General meetings are held in the afternoon on the second Saturday of the month. These meetings are designed to take care of club business, but also have a great social content and are well attended by the spouses and families of TTR. Meetings are held in the homes of our members who volunteer to host. This format allows for socialization and leisurely conversation. It also allows for member garage tours to view finished projects and work in progress. Attendees generally bring a food item for the group. Normally the Hostess or Host provides their, not to be missed, specialty dish or dessert for the group.

Organized drives are a key component of Texas Triumph Register activities. The club offers a wide array of traditional drives to points of interest in the area. Most of our drives take place on Saturday, include a group lunch, and are completed before dark. We also offer multi-day drives to more distant locations. Here all accommodations and meals are planned for the group. Typical drive events include Polar Bear Run, Bluebonnet Run, Falling Leaves Tour and many more.

Texas Triumph Register is an officially chartered chapter of the Vintage Triumph Register and as such participates in both VTR regional and national events. The regional events take place in Texas or the adjacent states. The national events rotate to all parts of the country. These events provide our members with the opportunity to participate in competitive Concourse, Autocross and TSD Rally events. They also offer fun drives and self-guided tours of the venue area. The regional events are heavily attended by club members and the attendees generally caravan to the venue in a group.

For the Autocross enthusiast TTR offers periodic training and practice sessions at the Police Academy track in Houston. Members can get a taste of what autocross entails or, for the experienced driver, provide an opportunity to refine and further develop one’s skills. The Club has recently acquired our own timing equipment and we can provide an accurate representation of real competition. This is normally a one day event held on the weekend. As you can see TTR offers ample opportunities to drive your Triumph, for that really is our purpose. We also offer great opportunities to socialize with like minded members. If you do not have a Triumph, or do not have a running Triumph we can offer help here also. We have a core of members with the knowledge, skills, and equipment who are willing to help when problems develop or when guidance is needed. We also offer our monthly newsletter “The Bluebonnet” which is filled with Triumph related information and social tidbits.

At TTR we feel we have a sense of community that is unmatched. We encourage all of our members and potential members to get involved and join in the fun. Drive your Triumph – we do!